Stammering Therapy



Stammering Therapy

It is not uncommon for people who stammer to struggle with their speech, swap words and avoid speaking situations altogether. People often report feeling anxiety, fear, embarrassment and shame. I will help you become a powerful and confident communicator with a greater and kinder sense of yourself.

Your stammer is unique:

People are encouraged to become less averse to their stammering behaviours and fearful of social participation. Therapy will address the overt and covert features of your stammering.  Working together supportively you can be helped to:

  • identify what you do when you stammer
  • reduce avoidance strategies which are hindering you
  • become less sensitive about moments of stammering
  • modify stammering behaviours so you move on in the word without struggle
  • develop whole-speech fluency shaping techniques
  • develop more self-awareness and self-value

I use Mindfulness practices and Narrative Therapy approaches because they strengthen people’s inner resources and develop an attitude of non-judgmental self-acceptance, leading to new stories of social achievement and confidence.

Also taught are public speaking and voice development skills for people who stammer in individual and in group sessions.

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