Trans Voice and Communication


Trans and Non-Binary Voice and Communication

As Head of the Speech and Language Therapy Service at the largest and oldest UK Gender Identity Clinic (‘Charing Cross’), it has been my privilege to help a great many trans and non-binary individuals achieve a voice and communication which aligns their gender identity and gender expression. I combine  a unique background and skill mix of teaching, speech therapy, musical training, understanding and demonstration of pitch change, voice coaching and performance to help trans women sound more feminine, trans men sound more masculine and non-binary individuals achieve a voice which feels congruent with them. Supporting the trans lived experience is central to my work and I am keen to engage with the wider trans community and have given talks and workshops to TransLondon, Gendered Intelligence, FTM London and Spectrum Soho.

As part of therapy, I regularly transform and demonstrate vocal change to show it is absolutely possible for you. I break exercises down and am very clear about precisely what to do and how to practice so that you will become independent in your voice development over time.

Voice modification takes practice and time to acquire and develop but change is possible and you can find a voice you are confident with. You will be helped in a structured and safe way.

Trans women – will be helped to (if desired):

  • raise pitch to a comfortable degree into the female pitch range without strain,
  • achieve a brighter resonance colour in your voice
  • use an expressive but natural intonation pattern
  • use a feminine voice on the telephone
  • project voice over background noise keeping it feminine
  • cough at pitch
  • developing your singing range and potential

My clinical knowledge and experience of working within a gender specialist team, will help you develop, maintain and integrate your voice into your life so that it feels real, comfortable and authentic – not camp, fake, silly  or a copy of someone else.

Trans men – will be helped with (if desired):

  • understanding the effect of testosterone on the voice over time through objective pitch measurement
  • assertiveness training to tackle social withdrawal or phobia
  • developing and using a more robust breath support needed for larger vocal folds (voice box) created by testosterone
  • accessing chest and pharyngeal resonance in your voice so you feel more powerful and authoritative
  • exploring your new singing voice – range, resonance and placement

Non-binary individuals – will be offered:

  • a totally individualised voice and communication programme, depending on where you locate yourself on the gender spectrum
  • individualised pitch, resonance, intonation, voice quality, communicative power and presence work

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