Voice Disorders


Voice Disorders

I treat Clinical Voice Disorders – difficulties that can make your voice not work as it had done previously, requiring rehabilitation.

For example, are you a singer who has developed vocal nodules, a teacher with voice strain, do you have emotional stress in a relationship and are unable to say what you want? Are you an occupational voice user who uses the telephone often in your job? I can treat you if you experience:

  • loss of vocal power and range
  • strained, gruff, breathy or ‘hoarse’ voice
  • vocal fatigue, voice loss (total or intermittent)
  • irritation, pain, discomfort or a feeling of a ‘lump’ in the throat

Speech and language treatment

Adults with a range of voice problems, caused by organic disease or behavioural factors, including worry or stress or a conflict in speaking out about a psychological problem can be helped. It is necessary to have a diagnosis from an ENT doctor who will look at your larynx (voice box) and vocal tract and provide information about their appearance and how your voice is working prior to seeking my help.

Everyone’s voice is unique. I will listen carefully and respectfully to your voice and make a full perceptual and objective assessment and explore the factors which affect your voice including how you use and produce your voice, and any related medical, environmental, emotional and behavioural factors. Together, we will work out your personalised therapy plan and treatment goals. You will be given advice and education about vocal health, and an individualised programme of therapy exercises, relaxation and mindful practices. The link between how muscles work and psychological stress will be explored to enable the restoration of your full vocal function and sense of well-being.

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